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Flat glass in Egypt

Egypt’s geographical location is certainly advantageous when it comes to the provision of flat glass to the wider region, but is it maximising its position? Yogender Malik finds out…

Façade development in ASEAN

Jahir Ahmed discusses how the quest for ever-more energy saving options in modern architecture is driving the demand for imaginative facades in construction projects right across the region…

The future of VIG

Dr Cenk Kocer, from the University of Sydney, School of Physics, looks at how VIG is increasing in importance and attractiveness to glass specifiers the World over and at developments in its manufacture to meet such demands…

Tech Focus: Digital glass decoration

In the second of our new series of articles dedicated to topical technology, AG looks at how digital glass decoration is becoming increasingly important.

Von Ardenne

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In focus

China, Malaysia and now Bangladesh are all on the receiving end of India’s moves to install anti-dumping duties and protect it’s national flat glass industry. AG looks at the current dispute, but also the efforts of the Bangladesh government to create a more commerce-friendly export programme for the future…


Analysis and insight into Turkey

Refractory Zone

News and developments from the refractory supply industry

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