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The business of recycling

As the environmental pressure builds on all industries, the glass sector across the continent – and indeed worldwide – has focused attention even more on the reusability of the material. Yogender Malik looks at how the business of recycling is becoming more mainstream…

Vietnam: a country in focus

Jahir Ahmed looks at how steady economic development within Vietnam has gradually enabled the domestic demand to make a significant contribution towards glass industry fortunes, whilst the rise of foreign brewery ownership in the country could also provide an extra boost…

Ultrathin glass markets

AG looks at how manufacturers of ultrathin glass continue to push the technical and market boundaries…

The Indian refractory industry

With tentative signs of recovery, has the sub-continent refractory sector perhaps turned a corner?

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In focus

As the USA looks for its next trade target, it appears that industry groups State-side are seeing the opportunity to bring anti-dumping actions to the table thick and fast, with container glass makers in the Peoples’ Republic the next in the sights…


Analysis and insight into South Korea

Refractory Zone

In his final despatch of 2019, P Carlo Ratto discusses how fused cast refractories remain a game changer for the glass refractory sector.

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