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Moulding the future

Yogender Malik looks at changing mould technology for the container glass and tableware sector and discusses how cost minimisation has become the most important driving force behind development.

The processors of Bangladesh

Jahir Ahmed look the glass processing industry in Bangladesh, still in its nascent phase, is struggling to cope with demand while the import restrictions on suitable glass types are actually holding back the country’s construction sector…

India: the pressure of pricing

Despite the rapid, continued growth of the Indian economy, it appears that the glass industry of the country is struggling to keep pace. With excess capacity and rising import levels, AG takes a look at how the sector is attempting to get back on an even keel.

Balustrade development

Malvinder Singh Rooprai and Ingo Stelzer (Kuraray India Pvt. Ltd and Kuraray Europe Gmbh respectively) discuss how goegraphically differing building codes can place a range of demands on laminated glass manufacturers…


Von Ardenne

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In focus

Jim Gulnick, of McGrory Glass, discusses how the emotional content of shapes and colors will also be investigated. What shapes and colors are most pleasing and how aesthetics impact the psychological state of occupants will be presented.


Analysis and insight into Indonesia

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