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Moulds and makers

AG takes a peek inside the highly technical world of mould manufacture to assess how changing consumer trends are affecting the complexity of these most critical of container glass manufacturing components…

Glass processors of Irans

Capacity expansions and greenfield start-ups have given Iran’s flat glass processing industry a cutting edge within the Middle East. However, economic conditions continue to squeeze profitabilities and Yogender Malik asks how much longer these companies can be solely dependent on the domestic scene…

Indian float glass

Rohan Gunasekera reflects on how the sub-continent’s pivot towards becoming a major international float glass centre has sparked a round of investment and expansion like never seen before. Yet, despite the growth, the industry remains short of the ideal capacity for a country of such a population size. What next for India’s floaters?

State Profile: Maharahstra

In the final instalment for this year of our new series of articles dedicated to topical technology, AG looks at how evolutions in glass coatings are becoming increasingly important for glass manufacturers across the Middle East

Also in this issue…

In focus

In the final “In Focus” section of 2021, AG takes a look at the wider construction-related issues threatening China and asks if we are on the verge of a major glass market implosion in the Peoples’ Republic…


Analysis and insight into Vietnam

Refractory Zone

News and developments from the refractory supply industry

Plus: news, views, analysis and much, much more!

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