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Australian beverage markets

Jahir Ahmed looks at how beverage exports are driving demand for increased volumes of glass packaging as consumer tastes evolve across the Far East in particular…

Complex façade solutions for China

Yu Hui, Tan Hui, Florian Rochereau, Jin Shihui, Nicolas Leduc discuss the designing and construction of Chaoyang Park Plaza tower façade located in Beijing, China – one of the most challenging façade system due to its complex double curved geometry from architectural scheme by MAD Architects.

Container glass production costs, p2.

In the concluding part of our study into production costs across the container glass industry, Yogender Malik turns his attention to developments in the sub-continent…

Russian flat glass

AG looks at how the flat glass industries of Russia have evolved following an influx of foreign investment and a concerted move towards a more outward looking construction ethic…

Also in this months issue…

In focus

Jahir Ahmed talks to PHP FGIL Managing Director, Mohammed Amir Hossain (Shohel) about the company’s current ongoing projects.

Refractory Zone

In the next of his exclusive articles for Asian Glass for 2018, P.Carlo Ratto reflects on how work to ascertain new standards in servicing the glass industry has thrown up a number of interesting possibilities…


Analysis and insight into India

Plus: news, views, analysis and much, much more!

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