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Talking Turkey…

Yogender Malik looks at how Turkey’s glass producers are not only benefiting from an improving domestic market, but are also becoming an outsourcing venue of choice for countries in Eastern Europe…

Packaging diversity

Jahir Ahmed looks at how changing fortunes in – and pressures on – the packaging industry are leading Asia’s most widespread players to augment their offerings…

BIPV façade innovations

Erika Saretta, Pierluigi Bonomo, Francesco Frontini of ISAAC DACD SUPSI discuss how constantly evolving technologies are permitting an accelerated path of development towards the EU’s “zero energy” building initiative…which ultimately could have a ripple-out effect to some of the Asia’s developing economies

Uncorking potential

Following on from our article in AG18-4 (“Filling the void”), the All India Glass Manufacturers Federation (AIGMF) has taken up the challenge to defend the glass sector. Speaking exclusively to Rohan Gunasekera of Asian Glass, they fight their corner…

Von Ardenne

Also in this months issue…

In focus

Jahir Ahmed talks to PHP FGIL Managing Director, Mohammed Amir Hossain (Shohel) about the company’s current ongoing projects.

Refractory Zone

In the last of his exclusive articles for Asian Glass for 2019, P.Carlo Ratto reflects on how a more adaptive approach to industrial management may infact increase the competitive ability of fused cast refractory makers…


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