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Middle Eastern container glass markets

Yogender Malik looks at how the Arabian peninsula is steadily growing its container glass offering based on thinner products, advanced technology and a hugely beneficial fuel price…

Energy saving with glass facades

Timo Saukko discusses how facades can be beneficial in minimizing energy costs.

The mounting pressure on plastic

As the anti-plastic revolution continues to provide openings and opportunities for glass, Rohan Gunasekera examines if there is a changing mindset amongst the continent’s manufacturers on how to best to maximise on the current sentiment…

Container glass demand in ASEAN

Jahir Ahmed looks at how the container glass manufacturers of ASEAN have been able to demonstrate a return to greater profitability as demand drivers fuel expansions and market growth…

Also in this months issue…

In focus

As one of the country’s most progressive glass manufacturers, India-based Borosil is being steered by one of the youngest CEOs in the business. In a recent interview, Shreevar Kheruka discussed his hopes for continued development…


Analysis and insight into Egypt

Refractory Zone

In the first of his exclusive articles for Asian Glass for 2019, P.Carlo Ratto looks at the ubiquity of AZS refractories has created a need for technological development to drive marketing impetus…

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