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Vietnam glass expansion

In spite of slower growth this year, the Vietnamese glass industry is trying hard to rebound. According to Jahir Ahmed, flat glass and container glass will grow at low to moderate levels due mainly to declining demand…

Automotive glass in India

A boom time is approaching for auto glass manufacturers in India, especially those that offer advanced, versatile glazing applications, says Rohan Gunasekera. Previous boom-bust cycles have shown that glass makers with deep pockets and no debt will perform best during the upturn…

GCC cosmetics and perfumery glass industry

In the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, cosmetics and perfumery have become very popular due to high disposable income, changing lifestyles, an emerging tourism industry, and a growing financial centre. Container glass demand has been rising as a result, writes Yogender Singh Malik….

Intelligent coatings in glazing and packaging

Rohan Gunasekera points out that glass manufacturers are heavily investing in coating technology to produce specialised, high-performance glass to meet rising demand for their enhanced functionality….

State Profile: Gujarat

The state of Gujarat contributes significantly to the Indian flat glass and container glass industries. Though other parts of the country are setting up glass plants, it remains the country’s dominant producer of flat and container glass….

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In focus

Austrian company RATH specialises in refractory technology with a broad product range of refractory materials for temperatures up to 1800°C. Robert Nusszer, the RATH Head of Sales Glass Unit spoke exclusively with Asian Glass about the company’s plans going forward…

In Perspective

The net-zero buzzword is taking over the 2020s, but despite summits, conferences, and promises, no outcome seems imminent. Asian Glass special correspondent Andy Skillen asks whether the glass industry can confront its own major carbon contribution and illuminate the way forward.

Refractory Zone

News and developments from the refractory supply industry.

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