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Container glass production cost in South Asia

Yogender Singh Malik presents an insider’s perspective on the container glass industry in South Asia, comprising some of the world’s most populous countries….

Building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) in Asia

Solar glass manufacturers are introducing BIPV-specific products now that building-integrated photovoltaics are eroding their niche status, notes Rohan Gunasekera….

Indonesian glass processing

Two years after its economic recovery, the Indonesian glass processing industry has returned to normal operation. As a result, construction, industrial, and automotive sectors have increased their demand for processed glass, states Jahir Ahmed….

Market trends for MENA

With nearly 500 million people, the Middle East and North Africa region has emerged as one of the largest producers and markets for float glass. A report on the key trends in the use of flat glass in the region, authored by Yogender Singh Malik….

Tech Focus: Automation and digitalisation in Asian glass factories

As automation advances along with digitalisation, glass manufacturers have more options for improving efficiency, writes Rohan Gunasekera….

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In focus

In Focus – Page 68
Abdullah Gayret, general manager, GCA, discusses sustainability, employee wellbeing, and his company’s plans for 2024…..

In Perspective

As Europe’s economies continue to be pressured, can glasstec, the ageing giant, remain the ‘must attend’ event that it has always been? Andy Skillen, Asian Glass’ special correspondent, shares his thoughts…

Refractory Zone

News and developments from the refractory supply industry.

Plus: news, views, analysis and much, much more!

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