In the US, President Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes numerous provisions to help decarbonise the US economy, including the addition of a new tax credit for dynamic glass. The bill added electrochromic glass to Section 48 of the Internal Revenue Code, commonly referred to as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The credit can cover up to 30% of the costs associated with dynamic glass, moving it towards cost parity with traditional glazing and shading solutions.

The passage of this bill is both a recognition of the decarbonisation potential of electrochromic glass as well as the importance of the tax code as a market driver for newer technologies. The glass industry has welcomed the move. SageGlass, a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain and a specialised window glass developer, called it a ‘true game-changer for the industry’. According to the company, dynamic glass has proven effective in ever-increasing applications for years, however its first cost remains a significant obstacle to its widespread use. This tax credit, it believes, can go a long way towards making the technology more accessible.

Meanwhile, the Chinese market for architectural glass is being shaken by new building and planning regulations. A discussion of these changes is provided by Matthew Grandage along with information about how architects are responding as well as some possible implications for the glass industry.

Container glass producers have been under tremendous pressure to minimize production costs due to intense competition among producers, substitute threats, and stiff competition among end users. However, a new approach is emerging. which could reduce production costs further. Yogender Malik investigates.

In developed countries, vaccination demand among adults has decreased, however pharmaceutical glass manufacturers have significantly increased their ability to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, writes Rohan Gunasekera. He attributes this change in confidence to the change in health trends, which includes the increased use of biologics and self-medication.

Last but not least, glasstec 2022 is here. As always, Asian Glass will be there to meet and greet all our supporters, advertisers, and partners. See you soon.

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