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As eyes turn to Mumbai this September, and the new “Glasspro” event, it is interesting that following the recent purchase of HNG Float Glass by Turkish glass giant Sisecam, it is now turning its attention to the auto industry there.

Indeed, Turkey's top glass maker unveiled its intentions to invest more in the sub-continent, where it is considering producing windshields for the country's booming auto industry.

General Manager Ahmet K?rman has also announced that the company is also seeking new investment opportunities in Mexico and Europe.

India is one of the most attractive markets in the world in terms of growth potential, K?rman explained in an interview in Istanbul.

"India is a very good market, especially in terms of sheet glass. We plan to rapidly increase our capabilities regarding product diversification, opening new (glass) furnaces... We will be more efficient in India by expanding our product range," he said.

He noted that Indian automotive market was also experiencing a very serious growth trend.

"We do not have an automotive glass production there right now. A new factory for automobile glass production is necessary. We will be making an assessment on that as well," he added.

Meanwhile, K?rman declined to provide an amount for the planned investments.

He said the company was also looking at opportunities in Mexico but U.S. President Donald Trump's recent protectionist measures had clouded the outlook. "We have very interesting offers (in Mexico)... But we will see where we could grow smartly and take action accordingly," he said.

He noted that they are thinking of a possible investment in Mexico in the glass packaging area.

As for their main business areas, K?rman said they were carrying out market research and feasibility studies for automotive glass in India and glass packaging in Mexico.

However, he said, investment decisions in the upcoming period will be determined by the global protectionist policies and the flow of potential trade wars in the world.

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