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Egypt feels the heat
Rising costs and a lack of foreign exchange threaten to undermine the potential recovery in Egypt’s flat glass sector, as Yogender Malik finds out…

Maghreb: an engine for growth
As attention begins to focus away from the traditional Arabic nations towards the wider region, North Africa – Maghreb – is finding itself poised to become a major glass supplier both domestically and further afield in Europe.

Glass packaging after AFTA
Jahir Ahmed looks at how the lowering of ASEAN’s intra-regional trade barriers has yet to make a substantial impact on the container glass sector.

China: glass trade under pressure
Using data that only AG has been able to verify, our team in China provides a retrospective on trade on float and processed glass in the country, and uses it as indicators for the future direction of the industry.

In Focus
The First International Exhibition of Glass and Related Industries, otherwise known as Iran GlassTec, took place in Tehran’s International Fairground in late August. The event is considered the first specialized glass exhibition in West Asia as AG finds out…

Analysis and insight into Italian machinery

Refractory Zone
When it comes to fused-cast refractory, a multi-disciplinary approach is often the most appropriate to give Glassmakers the level of support they need. In his latest dispatch, refractory industry guru, P. Carlo Ratto, discusses the merits of just such a plan.

"all three flat glass producers in the country are highly backwardly integrated" see p.36

"We are not in a hurry to start it given the state of the world economy at the moment," see p.40

"The flat glass industry sector needs to be dynamic with free market competition" see p.54

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