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Glass processing in Iran
Yogender Malik looks at how despite the influx of technology and the considerable domestic support of some world class float glass, Iranís glass processors remain largely absent from global markets.

South Asia container glass
Rohan Gunasekera looks at how expanding capacities in Southern Asiaís container glass sector, coupled with falling demand, have created a perfect storm of troubleÖ

The growing influence of cullet
Jahir Ahmed looks at how changing efficiencies in glass recycling across the continent are providing a much greater cost benefit to the regionís container glass manufacturers.

Indonesia facades
AG looks at how the construction trends of ASEAN are driving the market in external cladding and facades, and considers what this will mean for future glass demand.

In Focus
Gopal Ganatra, Asahi India Glass, talks about the changing supply dynamic on the sub-continent and also how GST may impact the glass industry.

Analysis and insight into India

Refractory Zone
News and developments in refractory products and their raw materials.

"all three flat glass producers in the country are highly backwardly integrated" see p.36

"We are not in a hurry to start it given the state of the world economy at the moment," see p.40

"The flat glass industry sector needs to be dynamic with free market competition" see p.54

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