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Coatings markets in the Middle East
Intense climatic conditions and some of the most glass-laden edifices on earth mean that the Middle East is a prime market for exploring the effectiveness of glass coating materials. AG looks at how the market continues to evolve…

Container glass production costs
Yogender Malik takes the first of our biennial round-up articles into container glass production, and examines some of the principal cost factors involved in high quality packaging production around ASEAN…

Glass tableware: making the grade
AG looks at how three of the leading Asian glass tableware producing countries – India, Indonesia and Thailand- are having increasing influence on the global scene.

Saudi: a market in the making
Saudi Arabia has often been courted as the “next” major market for construction and the glass industry, and in this abridged focus, AG looks at how economic diversification and development is leading the way to a brighter future for the construction sector, with the knock-on effect for the glass industry as a result.

In focus
Guido Lori, Permasteelisa Group. Colin Morison, Colmor Consulting, Martin Larcher, European Commission, Joint Research Centre. Jan Belis, Ghent University discuss the development of sustainable facade design for glazed buildings in a blast resilient urban environment

Analysis and insight into China

Refractory Zone
The latest of our exclusive articles from refractory guru, P. Carlo Ratto…

"all three flat glass producers in the country are highly backwardly integrated" see p.36

"We are not in a hurry to start it given the state of the world economy at the moment," see p.40

"The flat glass industry sector needs to be dynamic with free market competition" see p.54

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