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Cambodia: open for investment
Jahir Ahmed looks at the opportunities presented by this emerging Tiger economy and the investment prospects it presents for ambitious glass-makers…

Beverage markets in North Asia
Yogender Malik looks at how the high per capita consumption of container glass in north-east Asia continues to ensure a stronghold for the sector.

Ultrathin prospects for China
AG looks at how rising levels of industrial application are boosting ultrathin glass usage and manufacture within China.

Ultrathin technology focus
Hannes Spiss of Ove Arup &Partners, UK, discusses some of the technical challenges and aesthetic opportunities for utilising ultrathin glass.

In Focus
Alf Rolandsson and Thim Pettersson discuss how U-values for low-e glass can be standardised and measured in order to establish effectiveness of IGUs in increasingly colder climates.

Analysis and insight into China

Refractory Zone
In the last of his exclusive articles for Asian Glass for 2017, P.Carlo Ratto discusses how fused cast makers are facing increasingly challenging circumstances…

"all three flat glass producers in the country are highly backwardly integrated" see p.36

"We are not in a hurry to start it given the state of the world economy at the moment," see p.40

"The flat glass industry sector needs to be dynamic with free market competition" see p.54

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