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Bottle options for Asia
Rohan Gunasekera looks at how differing bottling options for the continent’s major drink and beverage suppliers are being impacted by regional legislation and a drive towards a greener, yet more economically efficient, future.

Bangladesh safety glass
Jahir Ahmed looks at how the safety glass industry of Bangladesh remains woefully undersupplied, and yet entrepreneurs remain seemingly reluctant to join in. Can this booming market tempt more expansions in the coming years?

The growth of BIPV within ASEAN has been slow to date, but its potential is undoubtedly grabbing the attention of an increasing number of architects and driving a greater number of potential applications. Rising solar usage is expected to drive this demand still further and AG looks at how this will impact regional supply…

Coloured options for PV glass
Tomas Lenkimas and Algirdas Mockus of HSC Glassbel Baltic and Andrius Stonkus, of the Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies, discuss how the newest improvements in production machinery for PV modules give more freedom for shapes sizes and colours for BIPV applicators...

In focus
Recognising that green materials will be an inevitable market trend, a lot of businesses have decided to “step in,” first by renovating production facilities, equipment, and technology, as well as developing a team of specialised staff to produce green products that can meet certain environmental standards. AG looks at how Vietnam in particular is leading the charge…

Analysis and insight into Russia

"all three flat glass producers in the country are highly backwardly integrated" see p.36

"We are not in a hurry to start it given the state of the world economy at the moment," see p.40

"The flat glass industry sector needs to be dynamic with free market competition" see p.54

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